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The Relevance Score – What’s That?

Wait, what in the world is that? 🤨🤨🤔🤔

This is going to be a very quick breakdown as to what the relevance score is, as it relates to Facebook Advertising.

When you’re targeting a given audience, the relevance score comes into play to score how well your ad is doing versus other ads targeting that same audience. 😅😅

Confusing? Yes, but we can break this down even further, promise!

When people react to advertisements on Facebook, each reaction is either positive, or negative. Based on the volume of reactions (relative to the size of your target audience), and how they react will determine what your relevance score will be. You can have an ad performing at a score of ️1️⃣1️⃣, which is the worst, or a 🔟🔟, which is the best!

So if you create an advertisement that is absolutely hilarious, and you get tons of likes, comments, and shares, with little to no negative feedback, you’re likely to have a score of 10.

When people hide your ad, comment negatively, or bypass it altogether, your score is likely lower.

So what’s the big deal? 😴😴😴😴😴😴

When you’re advertising on Facebook, you can create your campaign so that you’re looking for a specific objective. In digital marketing, this is how we track how well our ads are doing for our clients. One objective you could have is Link Clicks (learn more, shop now, get directions, or a URL to a website).

If your relevance score is high, it will most likely cost you less money to satisfy your objective. Link clicks will be cheaper, in theory. If your score is low, it will cost you more money to get people to click, so the cost is higher.

Questions? I’m sure! Shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to answer!