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The Importance of Responding to Positive and Negative Feedback Online

We’ve all had our moments:

  • You arrive at a restaurant you’ve never been to before. You’re greeted promptly by the host/hostess. You’re seated quickly, and the host/hostess leaves with a strong first impression. The food came out incredible, the waitstaff was on their A-Game, and you’re definitely coming back for a 2nd visit. You leave a nice review on the businesses Facebook page, their Yelp Page, or Google.

Then there’s this experience:

  • You wait at the door of a restaurant you’ve never been to. You wait and wait and wait. After 30 minutes, you’re finally seated. The server doesn’t show up for another 15 minutes. The food takes forever to get to the table, and your drinks are empty. The place doesn’t even seem busy. You wonder how they stay in business, and you leave furious. Once you get home, you draft a very carefully crafted message that doesn’t include any profanities, explaining how miserable of a time you had. Oh wait…no you don’t. You write a scathing review absolutely destroying the business for such a miserable time. Not only that, but you copy/paste this review to all of their online platforms. Why wouldn’t you? You had a miserable time?

Which of these scenarios do you respond to?

You respond to both. Every. Single. Time. And you do so like a boss.

Respond Like A Boss

Here’s why it’s important:

#1: It shows that you’re involved with your following, positive or negative. How you choose to respond to an inquiry online shows the public how you respond to things when it’s going well, and how you handle issues or conflicts when things are going poorly. Show people that you care, either way, and it will pay you back in spades. 80% of the time someone has experience #2, they aren’t coming back. Just don’t let them continue to destroy your business without at least making an attempt to rectify the situation.

#2: It opens up the possibility of public forum discussion, which will drive your engagement numbers up. You may uncover leads, find clarity on important feedback, or even educate someone whom just wanted to read your comment or review, and change someone from a cold lead to a warm lead.

#3: It’s considered professional these days. People love to be heard. More than that, they love to be acknowledged. Acknowledge your customer base, and they’ll start putting money in your businesses pockets, even if that person doesn’t close a sale with you.

So is online reputation management important? You bet your businesses last dollar it is. Respond to your fans, do as much damage control as you can for your detractors, and deliver the best service you can online.

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