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Online Marketing – How To Get Started

You’re ready to bring your business online. What next?

We hear it a lot, and, admittedly, more than we would like to. People have this strange expectation that when you go from zero advertising online, to paid advertising, that you’re flipping a switch and money is going to just start overflowing into your business.

Digital Advertising is a business, in and of itself. In order for your marketing efforts to produce consistent results, you must supply consistent content.

SEO, Analytics, and Data tell the story of your marketing efforts.

So where do you get started? There are 3 basic principals to understand in order to deliver effective marketing to your audience: 

  • Do not make assumptions about your online audience until you have data to support your claims. The online marketplace can be much different than other business channels.
  • In order for marketing to result in sales, it’s imperative that you establish a reputation and relationship with your audience. Be real. Connect with your audience by introducing people on your staff through spotlights. Show people behind the scenes footage of how your business works. Create quality content focused on humor and you’ll be golden.
  • Focus on a couple of different online channels if you’re managing your online reputation yourself. If you’re good at Instagram, put your time and energy there. If Google is more your jive, then put some eggs in that basket too.

Relationships often start with a first impression. When someone is searching for a product or service, they will find it. Be sure that your website, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Instagram (or whatever online platforms are exposed to the public) are up to date at all times. It’s often said that it is better to have no presence, rather than poor presence.

Curious about spending money on Facebook or Google? Follow this link for our two cents (you’ll need to spend a bit more than that) for these platforms here: