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LIVE Video Broadcasting – Why it’s SO important in business

I know, I know. Being in front of the camera might not be your absolute favorite thing to do, but trust me, the reasons that we go over below might change your mind.

So what’s the big deal?

Well, it’s simple really. Establishing faces to represent your brand is used all over! Take a look at any news platform, any commercial featuring a celebrity spokesperson, or any local family-owned business. There’s a face to the name that is comfortable with reaching out to the public. So why use the LIVE features offered by platforms like Facebook or Instagram?

Because Facebook/Instagram LOVE engagement, and that’s exactly what these videos statistically do, create engagement.

So how do you get yourself in front of the camera for 5-20 minutes? By creating a basic script to follow during your presentation. The key is to be genuine during this streaming session, your fans, your community, and your business associates will thank you for it.

Some ideas for live content

Here are a few things that we’ve done here at Pioneer to get us in front of our audience:

  • A Live Q&A – We answer some commonly asked questions we’ve heard along our journey, and allow the audience to ask their questions.
  • Delivering Value – We debunk common myths about social media marketing, advertising, and creating lead generation strategies. Give the audience an “Ah-Ha!” moment, and it will pay you back in spades.
  • Behind the Scenes – Show your audience something they otherwise wouldn’t see, such as the kitchen in a restaurant, a workplace that is otherwise hidden from public eye, or a look into your personal life (you don’t have to reveal any specific information, just connect with your audience)
  • Stream Events – As a licensed Realtor, I will tour any active listings, as well as open houses, and get that on Facebook Live. This is a fantastic lead generation strategy.

After doing Live video dozens upon dozens of times, I will tell you, it gets easier! You begin to really feel out the audience, gain an understanding of how to present yourself, and appear much more composed over time. It takes practice.

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