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How to avoid wasting money on Facebook and Google AdWords

So who likes throwing money away?

Right, we don’t either!

You wouldn’t believe how many people we do consultations for that are throwing their money away! (I did a Google Search on a local business here in Vermont, and they have a PAID Google AdWords Ad for the exact businesses name! Why would you pay for your own Google Search?!?!)

I digress….

Here’s my tip. If you’re using ad dollars on Facebook or Google AdWords, please DO NOT select ANY automated processes (such as Automatic Placements in Facebook, or generate a database of keywords in Google AdWords). Take a look at the screenshots below. If you’ve never built a Facebook ad before, this will help out!

Automatic will place your ad in front of whomever in an attempt to learn your audience.
Think of this from the consumer’s point of view. Do they like ads in Marketplace or Stories? Probably not.
Some businesses don’t do well on Instagram. So why spend money there? People messaging their friends likely don’t want to see your ad, which, when hidden, will lower your relevance score and actually hurt your ad performance.

This is the FASTEST way to blow through your budget and get little to no quantifiable results. My suggestion is to keep Facebook Ad Placements to Feed Only. Google Ad Words suggestion is to download the FREE Google Chrome extension called KeyWords Everywhere. This will tell you whenever you search for something in Google how often people in your area are searching for said keyword each month, and what the bid price is.

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