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Data – How do we read the numbers, and why are these numbers important?


We are surrounded by it. Most everything that we do on a daily basis has data systems tied into it, one way or another. We utilize this information in the marketing world to make data-driven decisions on the effectiveness of a campaign. This data could be any of the following, and so much more:

Website Bounce Rate
Click-Through Rate (CTR)
Form Fill Rate
Link Clicks
% Of Video Watched
Landing Page Visits

There are so many more examples, but these are the kinds of things that our marketing team is focused on. These key performance indicators identify how healthy a campaign is, and based on these performances, will guide us into our next strategy.

You might be thinking, none of these digital metrics apply to me. My business is a brick and mortar location and doesn’t rely on website traffic to be successful.

Trust us, we have data for you. The image below is of the dashboard of our WiFi Marketing and Data Analytics suite, powered by our partner company, Bloom Intelligence. With this dashboard, we are able to identify some key metrics in your company. Including, but not limited to, the following:

Total Passerby Traffic vs. Visitor Traffic (Visitors stay in network for 5 minutes or longer)
First Time Visitor vs. Returning Visitor Rate
Dwell Times
First Time Visitor Return Rate
Age and Gender


  WiFi Marketing – Let The Data Do The Talking


                 Get To Know Your Customers


So why is any of this important?

Because, when you know this information, you know what aspects of your business you should be focused on. If you’re trying to get people to come back into your business, your marketing plan should be focused on getting people to visit a 2nd, 3rd, 4th time. Use the first-time visitor return rate metric as your indicator. If you want more people in your door, use your visitor percentage rate. If you want people to spend more time on your website, focus on your landing page to get people to click around for a bit.


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