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Capitalizing on your AdSpend with Facebook

Narrowing down your target market, why it could save you TONS of money, and still deliver the results you want. This one is fire, folks.


So you’re advertising on Facebook, and you’ve either just started, or you’re well established and have had a chance to know/grow your audience. GREAT!

Here are a few tips for you, whether you just started, or you are well established:

  1. Write down what you already know of your target audience. If you’re just starting out, let’s do a consultation together and we can map out a well-thought out opinion of whom to target advertising towards. If you’re well established, review all of the data collected over time, and draw conclusions based on that.
  2. Launch a campaign based on the information in step one. Allow enough data to accumulate in order to draw further conclusions. What I mean by this step is simple. In statistics, if you surveyed 10 people with a 10 question survey, the results likely won’t represent the majority of the population too accurately. If you surveyed 1,000, then you’ll have a better idea of the statistics. Wait until you’ve received enough information to begin to draw further conclusions on your campaign.
  3. Continue building on what you’re learning of your audience. If the goal is to get people to call your establishment, or fill out your form, or any other Call-To-Action (or CTA), then this step will save you a ton of money! If you find the data shows that your highest clickthrough rate (CTR) is coming from Women, as well as conversions, eliminate Men from your target audience. If you find that your CTR and Conversions (calling your business, form fill, etc.) are coming from people with income levels above the 50 percentile, target your ads so that you aren’t including the bottom 50 percentile. Apply these same principals to ALL facets of your campaign.

Here’s the Why. If you KNOW the target market that is converting at the BEST possible rate, why spend your money rolling the dice on people that are less likely to buy?Let’s chat soon about your business and how we can bring effective marketing to the table.


How to turn your marketing dollars into leads and conversions.