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Analyzing the Data – Why are these metrics even important?

UGH! I know, you’re probably thinking that this is going to be super boring. I promise you, if you opened this post in the first place, you won’t be disappointed! So it’s all organized. Calendar’s synced, Outlook segmented, Website is pulling traffic. You have it all figured out, and you’re excited to get the ball […]

$10,000 or 10,000 likes?

$10,000 💰💲 or 10,000 likes  👍👏👊 You’re likely steering more towards the $10,000, because you can use that to build the Likes.What’s my point?When done correctly, your marketing strategy can result in $10,000.Key phrase: When Done Correctly. 🚨🚧 Example: XYZ Roofing company earns, on average, $5,000 for a roofing job. These funds will cover the cost […]

3 Critical Steps to an Effective Marketing Strategy

There are 3 components that are needed to make a marketing strategy effective: 1) Sales Process  – If your business doesn’t have a sales process in place (ie. Online Store to fulfill the service, person responding to emails/Facebook messages, or someone answering the phones), marketing is useless. 2) Advertising Budget  – No need to really dig into […]

Split Test? What’s the point?

What’s a split test, exactly? Vital to digital marketing, social media marketers, and the Facebook Advertising world, that’s what!“How will this post perform?”“How will my audience react to the photo I’ve used?”“Does the text look ok?”These are all common questions to ask when you’re building posts for your business on Facebook. How do you know […]

Your email database, and why it’s SO important to your business.

🚨 VITAL 🚨 marketing tip: Using segmented audiences to your advantage! You’ve got it all figured out! ✉️ Email newsletters✅ Opt-ins⌨️ Contact forms filled out❤️ Past clients love you! What’s next? Based on HOW someone signed up for your business, you know some basic information. Utilizing Facebook pixel, you can track their activity in your site, you know what they are doing…or […]

So you want to start a business…

So you want to start a business… The irony in this is that if you’ve never done it, how can you know where to begin? Tip #1: Register your company! 🏢 This step is actually pretty easy if you just want to start as a DBA, or Doing Business As. With this type of business, you […]

Adding social media icons to your email signature!

This one is tricky. Especially if you’re using gmail. For those of you who are tech savvy and want the quick and easy explanation, here you go! All you need to do to successfully have an image in your email signature on gmail is follows: Find a picture hosting website, or find a website that […]

Social media and you

Consistency, consistency, consistency. We can’t stress this enough! It’s just like building a brand for your new business; In order for your social media page(s) and your website to be successful, you NEED to post content on a near-daily basis to stay relevant. Algorithms in social media will favor your competitions pages, even if the content […]